H5 Regensburg

H5 is dead - Rest in peace!

H5 is dead. We are mourning!

This website is only for documentation online!

H5 is a former grain storage hall of BayWa, the name derives from Hall 5. H5 is a project of Scants of Grace e. V.. Non-commercial events, for example, take place here, such as concerts and parties.

H5 promotes bands and cultural life without focusing on a certain musical genre: for example: sounds of the sitar, Hip Hop, Punk, Heavy Metal or Electropop. Just like we, the team of H5, are diverse, so are our tastes in music as we refuse to pick one exact style. What matters to us is enjoying the cause of music and culture - and of having a place where dreams can still be fulfilled.

We're all about Rock'n'Roll and alternative ways of life!

We will try to organise a concert and/or one other event such as cinema or expositions about twice a month. You can find news and announcements on this website (go to ,Events'). If you wish you can receive word-of-mouth information - or subscribe to our newsletter!

We all work honorarily and not for profit. However we have costs for the rent, technology, authorisations, and we also wish to pay musicians a fair fee. On the one hand we try keeping entrance prices as low as possible because we believe that everyone who wants to attend an event of ours should be able to do so.

If you wish to play at H5, send a mail to booking@h5-regensburg.de. Please refrain from sending us audio files and send a link to them instead. We will contact you if we are interested. Given that we only wish to hold two events per month this may also take a while.


To be able to hold our events, we regularly need volunteers who will help us! If you would like to participate, do contact us!

Last but not least

H5 is a place where racism, homophobia and sexism are undesired. We want people of any colour or sexual orientation to meet free of prejudice and be inspired.

No nazis!

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